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Tiscali Italy launches a new ADSL High Speed Offer
Cagliari, 14 October 2004

Tiscali, the European Internet Communication Company, which marked the start of development of the Internet market in Italy and Europe with the launch of free access, renews its challenge and presents the new, revolutionary ADSL access offer, which will rapidly reshape the market and methods of Internet use.

Three new high speed offers will allow users to try out an all-new Internet experience. Thanks to the new network unbundling, Tiscali can reach directly its client, providing 2MB, 6MB and 12 MB ADSL connections.

Always at the forefront in promoting democratic Internet access, and convinced that the real broadband offer is not what has been proposed by the market up to now, in parallel with activation of its network unbundling, Tiscali allows Internet access with Tiscali ADSL 2MB Flat, the first and only 2MB connection at a promotional price of € 29.95 per month. This rate is not only more competitive than the 640Kbps offers currently available on the Italian market, with which it goes head-to-head, but is also aligned with the European average.
Maximum convenience also characterises Tiscali ADSL 2MB Free which, with no monthly fee, allows users to surf the Web for € 1.8 an hour. Again, Tiscali’s offer is more competitive for a connection which is up to three times faster than those of its competitors.
For all users who have already subscribed to the Tiscali 640Kbps ADSL service and are resident in the areas covered by the Tiscali ULL network, the connection speed will automatically be increased to 2MB free of charge. The same free upgrade will also apply for all users who subscribe to the 640Kbps offer in areas which are currently not covered by network unbundling but which will be in coming months.

Plus, thanks to the creation of an ULL network with the latest DSLAM equipment, Tiscali is the first operator to offer more expert and demanding users a connection speed of 6MB for € 69.95 per month, and a 12MB connection speed (higher than that of fibre) for € 99.95 per month. Such speeds will allow users access to audio-video content taking full advantage of its quality.
In aiming for Internet distribution of an increasingly complex and complete audio-visual supply, with these very high speed connection products Tiscali paves the way for the Internet of a near future.

The same will also happen very soon for companies. Tiscali Business, the Tiscali division which guarantees companies simple, effective solutions combining innovation and reliability, will present its new offer by the end of November. Thanks to the technology used, this will guarantee even better added value performance and services.

There’s news for e-mail too. Tiscali presents the new Extramail service that will soon be available to all customers for just € 2.5 per month (€ 30 per year), providing 2 Gigabytes of disk space, Symantec antivirus and antispam applications, confirming that Tiscali makes customer security a top priority. Users will be able to receive attachments of up to 20 Megabytes, with access for all e-mail clients, both receiving and sending.

In addition, in line with the triple play strategy developed alongside the set up of the ULL network, as well as the revolutionary ADSL access offer, in the coming weeks Tiscali will launch its VoIP offer, for Internet telephony that no longer uses the conventional telephone network, but which the end user can access with a normal telephone.
The offer, aimed at all Tiscali ADSL subscribers in Italy, will allow customers to make significant savings on all local and national calls. Tiscali will provide all subscribers who apply for it with a second telephone line which can be used to make and receive unlimited calls for a monthly flat rate. Moreover, Tiscali will also give residents of ADSL ULL service areas only the opportunity to disconnect completely from Telecom Italia (so that they no longer have to pay the latter a monthly rental fee) but without losing their telephone number, thanks to number portability.

Finally, having been the first operator to promote legal online music distribution in Europe, in addition to the existing offering of games and software download, Tiscali provides its users with the chance to access (for free until the 31st of October) the Tiscali Video Club , an extensive film library, with various genres, in versions both for streaming and download.

In recent years Tiscali has taken the lead in trials for distributing video content via the Internet (from big international concerts to football games). It now gives its users the opportunity to view video with decidedly improved quality than has previously been possible. Obviously, the connection speed also means that Tiscali users can enjoy better quality when accessing content from other operators. What’s more, Tiscali, which has always been the first to push the boundaries of the Internet, is currently developing an IP TV offer, which it expects to launch in the coming months.


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